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Terry Saleh is an Australian artist of Malay/Indonesian and Papuan/Indian descent. He has a strong interest in the history and cultures of indigenous peoples throughout the world, as well as the legends and culture of Australia’s original inhabitants

Terry’s multicultural ancestry and rich ethnic upbringing have contributed to his uniquely expressive style, as he incorporates the traditional with the contemporary onto canvas. He uses a variety of media and a range of styles and techniques to capture the essence of his subject matter and to produce artworks that have a powerful visual effect. Through his paintings, Terry communicates the beauty, wisdom and uniqueness of culture and the environment and pays tribute to the natural wonders that surround him and the land that he lives in.

 The practices, rituals and spiritual connections within traditional cultures inspire Terry to capture their essence as he strives to communicate the sacred through his art and music. His energy and passion take him to many parts of the world where he forms bonds and connections with indigenous people, their Elders and Medicine people.

Terry uses his artistic gift to bring people closer together and to invite us to look deeper into ourselves.  He invites us to connect with the world around us so that the power of magic and healing can begin with the understanding and acceptance of other people, culture, the animal kingdom, plants and the environment.

Every artwork or musical creation holds a healing intention. There is a wealth of information in his creations and a deep respect for Mother Earth. He uses colours and symbols that carry profound meaning and positive healing energy. His art seeks to stir the soul and senses to bring about a higher level of awareness and understanding.

Terry has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. He has sketched, painted and carved, expressing his creativity onto canvas, skin, paper bark, wood and clay. Terry also creates handmade artefacts and instruments such as boomerangs, bull roarers, clap sticks and Yidaki (didgeridoo).

Described by many as a ‘spiritual artist’, Terry regards this as a compliment and confirmation that his artwork communicates to the beholder some of the serene beauty and uniqueness of indigenous people throughout the world and their cultures, that are a continuing source of his inspiration.

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